Satellite skills and knowledge for operational meteorologist

The purpose of the lecture is to provide a necessarily brief overview of the basic physical principles underlying satellite precipitation estimation methods.

This case study treats snow detection with the Cloud Phase RGB.

Jason Apke presents a method to derive winds from satellite data and shows some example applications.

HansPeter Roesli illustrated the impact of wind on clouds by examples taken from satellite imagery.

Ad Stöffelen provides an overview on current wind products and services.

Anu-Maija Sundström gives an overview presentation on AC SAF products and on long-range transport events.

Valerie-Marie Kumer tals about the challenges of flying in complex terrain.

Régis Borde gives an overview on the actual wind products extracted from polar satellites over the world.

Polly Schmederer presents an evaluation of the EXIM product.

Alexander Jann presents the NWC SAF product EXIM, its functionalities and the algorithm.