Public weather service

Minna Haikonen explains how FMI collaborates with customers in delivering important warnings.

Irene Schicker taks about wind forecasts needed to efficiently operate wind turbines.

Sabine Zerobin recaps the steps necessary to plan, construct and operate wind turbines.

Tomas Pucik gives a presentation on the severe tornado that took place in southern Moravia in June 2021.

Lukas Tüchler presents a method to detect downdrafts from thunderstorms out of Doppler-radar data.

Wilfried Jacobs discusses summer convection seen in Doppler-radar wind products.

Kathrin Baumann-Stanzer discusses the pros and cons of wind measurements principles and gives a historical overview.

Friedrich Obleitner gives an overview presntation on instruments and techniques used for ground-based wind measurements.

Gernot Zenkl presents the types of meteorological situation that can lead to critical avalanche situations in the eastern Alps. 

Length: 45 minutes.

Christopher Perez gives an insight into Typhoons and their features.

Length: 35 minutes.