Satellite skills and knowledge for operational meteorologist

Jean-Marc Moisselin and Frédéric Autones talk about rapidly developing thunderstorms (RDT and applications available for forecasting them.

Ine-Therese Pedersen speaks about difficulties of forecasting icing in the far north.

Juuso Paajanen presents the difficulties of using geostationary satellite data in high latitudes. 

Pia Isolahtenmaki (stepping in for Robert Makitie) presents how FCI proxy data help in differentiating cloud types in low-cloud conditions.

Kerttu shows how the snow and ice cover change during decades according to satellite data.

Signe Aaboe presents the data and software that OSI SAF offers to users.

Jari Haapala explains how thermodinamical and dynamical factors affect the arctic sea ice characteristics.

Patrick Eriksson speaks about monitoring sea ice in the very heavily trafficked Baltic Sea

Vojtěch Bližňák presents how the satellite cloud data helps forecasting road surface temperature in Czechia.

Vesa Nietosvaara showcases how the MTG's FCI instrument will improve the quality of satellite data, especially for users in high latitudes.