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Guides and Textbooks

EUMeTrain provides classical learning resources like textbooks and manuals in electronic form. These resources have been elaborated by members of the consortium since the beginning of the training programme. These pages are continuously updated and maintained in order to reflect the current knowledge in satellite meteorology.


You will find here information on the synoptic interpretation of cloud features visible in satellite imagery (SatManu and MSG Interpretation Guide) as well as technical information on how to create or interpret the standard RGB images (RGB recipes and Quick Guides).

User Manuals

The different channels and the wide range of applications that Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) offer are described in a series of Powerpoints with contributions from EUMETSAT and the various European National Meteorological Services.


Quick Guides are made in order to help the users of satellite products (in this case Sandwich products and RGBs) to get essential information for use in daily shift work. A Quick Guide consists of two pages; the first page (fig. 1a) is a short description of the aim of this product, of its benefits and limitations and the physical background. The second page (fig. 1b) contains examples of images and the interpretations of the characteristic colour and/or the cloud top features showing in the product.

All the quick guides currently developed by EUMeTrain are available on this page. Also, at the end of the page there are examples of RGB Quick Guides from NASA SPORT.

Example of a Quick Guide


Figure 1a & 1b: Appearance of a Quick Guide (in this case Ash RGB Quick GUide)


Quick Guides on SEVIRI composite images

Sandwich Product
RGB Quick Guide - Snow
SnowRGB.pdf611.06 KB
RGB Quick Guide - Natural Colo…
RGB Quick Guide - Airmass
RGB Quick Guide - Dust
RGB Quick Guide - Day Microphy…
RGB Quick Guide - 24 Hour Micr…
RGB Quick Guide - Severe Storm…
RGB Quick Guide - Night Micro
RGB Quick Guide - HRV Fog
RGB Quick Guide - HRV Clouds
RGB Quick Guide - Ash

Quick Guides on single channels of other satellite imagers

Quick Guide - 0.44 μm Channel
VIS04QG.pdf672.49 KB
Quick Guide - 0.51 μm Channel
VIS05QG.pdf794.56 KB
Quick Guide - 2.25 μm Channel
Quick Guide - 1.37 μm Channel

Quick Guides on composites of other satellite imagers

RGB Quick Guide - True Colour
RGB Quick Guide - Fire Tempera…
RGB Quick Guide - Cloud Type
RGB Quick Guide - Cloud Phase

RGB Quick Guides by NASA Sport

RGB Quick Guide - Fire Tempera…
RGB Quick Guide - Natural Colo…
RGB Quick Guide - True Color
RGB Quick Guide - Daytime Micr…
RGB Quick Guide - 24 Hour Micr…
RGB Quick Guide - Dust
RGB Quick Guide - Air Mass
RGB Quick Guide - Nighttime Mi…
RGB Quick Guide - Daytime Conv…

A compilation of RGB recipes on how to create the standard RGB images from METEOSAT/SEVIRI, MetOp/AVHRR and VIIRS data. (in English)

In 1996, the compilation of a "Manual of Synoptic Satellite Meteorology - Conceptual Models" (or short SatManu) was started by the Austrian Meteorological Institute (ZAMG).

This textbook contains the english version of the lectures on synoptic meteorology used at the Finish Meteorological Institute (FMI).