Our Events

EUMeTrain organises online and classroom training for forecasters and meteorological personnel on various topics with a focus on satellite meteorology. Our training activities range from courses (online and blended) to online presentations on various meteorological topics and a monthly weather briefing.

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We record our event weeks and weather briefings. Below you can find a collection of recordings from past events.



We offer online and blended satellite courses consisting of an online phase and a classroom phase. All our courses comply with the WMO competencies and standards. These standards are complemented by EUMeTrain with features considered to be important for further emphasizing the use of EUMETSAT satellite data for nowcasting and forecasting purposes.

Throughout the whole course the progress of the students is evaluated and upon success a certificate is handed out.

The courses are repeated every two years. The lectures are recorded and can be played back to allow self study.

Event Weeks

Several times a year EUMeTrain organises event weeks. During event weeks, a series of online lectures are presented by experts on new applications of meteorological satellite data on a specific theme.

The event weeks aim to be a platform for exchange of experience and expertise between the various groups working with meteorological data.

The lectures are broadcasted using Webex, a web conferencing and online learning environment that supports interactive virtual training. All lectures are recorded and available for offline playback.

Weather Briefings

Once a month EUMeTrain organizes a Weather Briefing open to everyone to discuss the present weather situation. The basis of the discussions are todays satellite images and the corresponding numerical weather prediction data. A basic knowledge on conceptual models used in satellite meteorology is of advantage to follow the presentations.

The Weather Briefings are offered by meteorologists from Croatia, Portugal, Finland, Hungary and Austria. At the end of the briefings, participants have the opportunity to discuss with the presenters. Find them below or on the EUMeTrain channel on YouTube.