Atmospheric Composition

Anu-Maija Sundström gives an overview presentation on AC SAF products and on long-range transport events.

Lothar Schueller gives an overview on the SAF structure and the generated products.

Length: 30 minutes.

Nan Hao from DLR gives an overview on ozone and other trace gases products from the O3M SAF. The presentation is completed by numerous examples.

The scope for this 30 minutes lecture is to define origins of IR radiation and how it is measured by meteorological satellites.

For knowing which processes are present in the atmosphere good interpretation of WV satellite images is needed.

This lecture on absorption channels and IASI instrument on board MetOp satellite was held by Xavier Calbet from EUMETSAT. 

Diamantino Henriques gives a weather briefing for the Azores and looks back to the heavy rain event on 13th and 14th March 2013.

Length: 30 min

Author: Diamantino Henriques

This module provides a guideline on how to assess the threat of volcanic ash. Therefore several tools based on satellite data can be consulted. Prominent examples are the Ash RGB or the use of IASI data.

Training module on the detection of dust storms over Europe with various RGB images and products.

The purpose of this training module is to give an overview on the different RGB types created from the AVHRR instrument.