Understand NWP outputs

Thomas Krennert (ZAMG) talks about the importance of moisture gradients in analysing the possibility of development of deep moist convection.

Wilfried Jacobs (DWD) explains the power of Airmass RGB in estimating the possibility of cold front transforming into a convective line.

Andreas Wirth (ZAMG) presents the benefits of analysing the water vapour imagery to diagnose synoptic structures and weather patterns.

Christo Georgiev (NIMH) discusses the effect of vorticity on tropical cyclones and development of severe thunderstorms, through the scope of water vapour imagery.

Thomas August (EUMETSAT) presents the current polar satellite sounders and makes a comparison with the capabilities of the future MTG infrared sounder 

Bryan Guarante (University of Wisconsin) uses a COMET course to explain the usefulness of analysing water vapour images with a goal of assessing the NWP fields.

Wilfried Jacobs (DWD) introduces the water vapour channels in the 2022 EUMeTrain Water Vapour Event Week.

Presentation during the event week on Convection in June 2009.

Lee-Ann Simpson and Jannie Stander from the South-African Weather Service started the first session of the WWW-Briefing.

Mahmood Al-Khayari gives an overview of typical weather situations in the Sultanate of Oman.

Length: 30 min

Author: Mahmood Al-Khayari