Understand NWP outputs

Robert Hausen describes his journey in the Arctic during the MOSAIC project.

Vojtěch Bližňák presents how the satellite cloud data helps forecasting road surface temperature in Czechia.

Virve Karsisto shows the road model FMI uses to forecast road conditions.

Minna Haikonen explains how FMI collaborates with customers in delivering important warnings.

Becky Hemingway present ECMWF's Precipitation Type and Extreme Forecast Index products.

Marjo Hippi explains how FMI deals with slipperiness during winter.

Gunnar Noer explains and showcases the nature of polar lows.

Thomas Krennert (ZAMG) talks about the importance of moisture gradients in analysing the possibility of development of deep moist convection.

Wilfried Jacobs (DWD) explains the power of Airmass RGB in estimating the possibility of cold front transforming into a convective line.

Andreas Wirth (ZAMG) presents the benefits of analysing the water vapour imagery to diagnose synoptic structures and weather patterns.