Climate services

Izolda Marcinoniene gives a talk on the synoptic background for strong winds in Lithuania.

Zanita Avotniece gives a brief presentation on the use of satellite data for climate applications and introduces an online satellite-based climate viewer.

Length: 30 minutes.

Ivan Guettler discusses climate extremes in the context of observed climate change. 

Length: 30 minutes

Christine Träger-Chatterjee presents the prototype Data Cube for Drought and Vegetation Monitoring, and tools to manipulate the data in the cube.

Humberto Barbosa focusses in his weather briefing on climate variability and teleconnection processes. He explains how weather anomalies like El Nino affect distant regions.

Length: 55 min

Author: Humberto Barbosa

In this module you will learn how snow cover and snow water equivalent are determined by satellite instruments and how this data can be applied for regional climate studies.

Lauryna Sidlauskaite talks about the challenges of winter road weather forecasts in view of climate change.

Length: 39 minutes.

Yulia Mishenina presents the results of studies of the characteristics of snow cover for the territories of Western and Eastern Siberia.

Sven Kotlarski summarizes current research on the fate of surface snow cover and its implications for climate.

Steinar Eastwood presents the OSI-SAF products and shows climatological applications of the data.