Izolda Marcinoniene gives a talk on the synoptic background for strong winds in Lithuania.

Lothar Schueller gives an overview on the SAF structure and the generated products.

Length: 30 minutes.

Zanita Avotniece gives a brief presentation on the use of satellite data for climate applications and introduces an online satellite-based climate viewer.

Length: 30 minutes.

Ivan Guettler discusses climate extremes in the context of observed climate change. 

Length: 30 minutes

Overview on the H SAF satellite derived precipitation products.

Humberto Barbosa presents a study which provides a comprehensive evaluation of extreme drought events in terms of occurrence, persistence, spatial extent, severity, and impacts on streamflow and soil moisture over different time windows between 19

Tommaso Abrate presents the efforts of WMO to coordinate with its Expert Network on updating the satellite data and product requirements for Flood Forecasting and seasonal and long term hydrological forecasts.

Jean-Christophe Calvet presents a neural network that has been trained using the modelled surface soil moisture (SSM), soil temperature, rainwater interception by leaves, and satellite-derived LAI observations from Copernicus.

Presentation on OSI SAF radiative fluxes Products and Services.

Presentation during the event week on Snow in January 2010.