Identify cloud types and their characteristics

Pia Isolahtenmaki (stepping in for Robert Makitie) presents how FCI proxy data help in differentiating cloud types in low-cloud conditions.

Joseph Sienkiewicz gives a presentation on satellite altimeters. He compares the satellite altimeter data from different sensors with NWP forecast data.

Hervé Le Gléau and Thomas Krennert give an overview on the NWC-SAF cloud products and their applications.

Anna Eronn gives an overview on the NWC-SAF PPS products and their applications, Thomas Heinemann presents the Eumetcast system.

Aynur Sensoy Soman discusses a blending approach to use SE-E-SEVIRI(H10) data together with Sentinel-2 and MODIS into a real-time, operational cryosphere modelling chain.

Although may considered as the answer to all problems, satellite also come with some limitations. In this lecture one such limitation "Parallax Shift" is explained.

The Physical Retrieval algorithm of NWC SAF retrieves the atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles as well as surface skin temperature.

Presentation on the use of the MPEF Divergence Product for diagnosing the divergence associated with upper-level wind field disturbances that produces forcing for ascent and favours the development of deep moist convection.

Webcast on the detection and monitoring of convective storms by using MSG imagea and products.

Webcast on the use of IR8.7 for the detection of deep moisture convection.