Marine forecasting

Ad Stoffelen gives a presentation on scatterometer winds, backscattering theory and current scatterometer instruments.

Joseph Sienkiewicz gives a presentation on satellite altimeters. He compares the satellite altimeter data from different sensors with NWP forecast data.

Ismail Gultepe gives a presentation on marine fog formation, development, and dissipation. He focusses on surface instruments and remote sensing platforms, as well as on its forecasting based on numerical models.

Juha Karvonen gives a presentation on accurate measurement of sea ice properties. His presentation covers the remote sensing techniques for detecting and measuring sea ice.

Jean Bidlot gives a presentation on numerical methods and models which accurately describe the ocean waves and swell.

Thomas Bruns gives a presentation on route and time optimisation of oversea transports. He discusses the climate and weather influences on ship tracks.

Gunnar Noer gives a detailed presentation on the formation of Polar Lows, the climatology and forecasting methods.

Jean Bidlot presents probabilistic forecasting based on ensemble technique to ascertain the probability of extreme weather, including wave parameters.

Length: 45 minutes.

Christine Träger-Chatterjee presents the prototype Data Cube for Drought and Vegetation Monitoring, and tools to manipulate the data in the cube.

Jose Candido from WavEC talks in his presentation about the use of satellite derived altimetry data for wave energy applications.