Identify and interpret broad scale, synoptic and mesoscale systems

Izolda Marcinoniene gives a talk on the synoptic background for strong winds in Lithuania.

Javier Garcia-Pereda and Mate Mile give an overview on the NWC-SAF high resolution wind product and its application.

David M. Schultz gives a presentation on the different conceptual models approaches concerning occlusion processes in frontal systems.

Fernando Prates gives a presentation on forecasting the tracks of tropical cyclones (TC). He gives presents the TC products delivered by ECMWF.

Andreas Wirth gives an overview on the NWC-SAF ASII product and its applications, Eunha Sohn presents the NWC-SAF products adapted to the Korean COMS satellite.

Frans Debie gives a presentation on the development of Rapid Cyclogenesis, their life cycle and the numerical parameters involved.

Izolda Marcinoniene presents 2 case studies on severe thunderstorms over Poland and the Baltic States.

Length: 30 minutes.

In this training module, you get an overview on the life cycle of Upper-Level-Lows and you will learn more about the impact on local weather.

Liliane Hofer highlights the properties of the Airmass RGB.

Length: 30 minutes.

Gavin Robbins presents the meteorological conditions that led to the largest coastal surge down the East Coast of England since 1953.

Length: 30 minutes.