Identify and interpret broad scale, synoptic and mesoscale systems

Pieter Groenemeijer (ESSL) presents his findings in using low-level moisture proxy data from polar orbiting satellites at European Severe Storms Laboratory training events.

Wilfried Jacobs (DWD) introduces the water vapour channels in the 2022 EUMeTrain Water Vapour Event Week.

Izolda Marcinoniene gives a talk on the synoptic background for strong winds in Lithuania.

Javier Garcia-Pereda and Mate Mile give an overview on the NWC-SAF high resolution wind product and its application.

David M. Schultz gives a presentation on the different conceptual models approaches concerning occlusion processes in frontal systems.

Fernando Prates gives a presentation on forecasting the tracks of tropical cyclones (TC). He gives presents the TC products delivered by ECMWF.

Andreas Wirth gives an overview on the NWC-SAF ASII product and its applications, Eunha Sohn presents the NWC-SAF products adapted to the Korean COMS satellite.

Frans Debie gives a presentation on the development of Rapid Cyclogenesis, their life cycle and the numerical parameters involved.

Izolda Marcinoniene presents 2 case studies on severe thunderstorms over Poland and the Baltic States.

Length: 30 minutes.

In this training module, you get an overview on the life cycle of Upper-Level-Lows and you will learn more about the impact on local weather.