Alexander Jann and Andreas Wirth present the new aviation products of ASII-NG (Next Generation).

Length: 30 min

Author: Alexander Jann, Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)

Peter Schmitt analyses the different aspects of CAT and presents a CAT forecasting method.

Length: 40 min

Author: Peter Schmitt (DWD)

Ab Maas shows which items are of main importance for balloon forecast e.g. accurate wind forecasts, starting and dying out of thermals and convection.

Length: 60 min

Author: Ab Maas (former KNMI)

Fred Prata presents a series of volcanic eruption and analyses them from the satellite perspective.

Length: 65 min

Author: Fred Prata (AIRES Pty Ltd)

Roland Winkler presents the impact of space weather on aviation.

Length: 55 min

Author: Roland Winkler (AustroControl)

Roland Winkler talks about rules and regulations that are in place at airports to provide passenger security in harsh winter weather.