Gravity wave pattern and tropopause fold detection as new products within the Nowcasting-SAF


Alexander Jann and Andreas Wirth present the new aviation products of ASII-NG (Next Generation).

Length: 30 min

Author: Alexander Jann, Andreas Wirth (ZAMG)


Two new satellite-derived products related to turbulence analysis have been developed recently in the frame of the Nowcasting-SAF. The first product (ASII-GW”Automatic Satellite Image Interpretation – Gravity Waves”) objectively detects grating patterns in the water vapor 7.3 imagery which point to the presence of gravity waves. The second product (ASII-TF “Automatic Satellite Image Interpretation – Tropopause Folding”) identifies the location of tropopause folds from satellite and NWP data. The algorithm is based on the logistic regression method.

In this presentation, we will talk about the selected algorithms and present cases from the official Nowcasting-SAF validation reports (to be released shortly) to illustrate the product performance.


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Lecture slides Jann

Lecture slides Andreas