Identify and interpret fields and derived products

Alexander Jann presents the NWC SAF product EXIM, its functionalities and the algorithm.

Javier Garcia Pereida presents the NWC SAF product High Resolution Winds and shows application examples.

Lukas Tüchler presents a method to detect downdrafts from thunderstorms out of Doppler-radar data.

Wilfried Jacobs discusses summer convection seen in Doppler-radar wind products.

Kathrin Baumann-Stanzer discusses the pros and cons of wind measurements principles and gives a historical overview.

Ad Stoffelen gives a presentation on scatterometer winds, backscattering theory and current scatterometer instruments.

Thomas Bruns gives a presentation on route and time optimisation of oversea transports. He discusses the climate and weather influences on ship tracks.

Cecilia Marcos and Natasa Strelec Mahovic give an overview on the NWC-SAF precipitation products and their applications.

Hervé Le Gléau and Thomas Krennert give an overview on the NWC-SAF cloud products and their applications.

Pilar Fernandez and Ana Sanchez Pique give an overview on the NWC-SAF operational services and products.