Identify and interpret atmospheric phenomena

Presentation on some of the typical convective scenarios with the focus on the usage of the background NWP fields and convective parameters in combination with satellite imagery.

Presentation during the event week on Convection in June 2011 by Helge Tuschy on the European Forecasting Experiment (ESTOFEX).

Webcast on the influence of the the Black Sea on the initiation of convective storms in South Eastern Romania.

Presentation on the use of the MPEF Divergence Product for diagnosing the divergence associated with upper-level wind field disturbances that produces forcing for ascent and favours the development of deep moist convection.

Webcast on the detection and monitoring of convective storms by using MSG imagea and products.

Webcast on the use of IR8.7 for the detection of deep moisture convection.

The EUMETCAL High Impact Weather group addressed a series of convective events over Europe during the summer 2010.

Presentation with results on the occurences of overshooting tops in convective clouds in relation to severe weather.

For knowing which processes are present in the atmosphere good interpretation of WV satellite images is needed.

Conceptual models are everywhere around us, even in our heads. Human brain as it is, can store lot of impressions but processing these informations can be a big problem.