Identify surface features

Ali Nadir Arslan gave an introduction to microwave remote sensing covering radiometry, characteristics, microwave sensors and applications.

Semih Kuter and Burak Simsek introduce the H SAF snow detection products H32 and H35 derived from polar orbiter MetOp.

Niilo Siljamo reports on H SAF the daily snow mask product H32 that is derived from the AVHRR instrument on-board MetOp satellites.

Simone Gabellani addresses the potential of using Sentinel-2 high-resolution imagery to validate moderate-resolution snow products.

Alexander Toniazzo discusses the validation of H SAF snow detection products.

Matias Takala presents practical examples of how to use the H13 product (Snow Water Equivalent) will be presented using Jupyter notebook.

Francesco Avanzi talks about the evaluation of daily snow cover area (SCA) and snow water equivalent (SWE) data sets derived from SE-E-SEVIRI(H10) and SWE E(H13) respectively.

Aynur Sensoy Soman discusses a blending approach to use SE-E-SEVIRI(H10) data together with Sentinel-2 and MODIS into a real-time, operational cryosphere modelling chain.

Overview on the H SAF satellite derived snow products.

Overview on the H SAF satellite derived precipitation products.