Javier Garcia presents LSA-SAF products and applications for drought monitoring.

Length: 35 minutes.

Felix Kogan reports on drought detection from satellite data.

Length: 31 minutes.

Celia Gouveia evaluates drought events with help of vegetation and drought indices.

Length: 32 minutes.

Guadalupe Sepulcre presents indicators for drought in Europe.

Length: 45 minutes.

Nicolas Ghilain presents products of the LSA-SAF.

Length: 45 minutes.

Natasa Strelec Mahovic reports on the precipitation event in spring 2014 which lead to inundations in SE Europe.

Length: 35 minutes.

Gernot Zenkl presents the types of meteorological situation that can lead to critical avalanche situations in the eastern Alps. 

Length: 45 minutes.

Zuhal Akyurek reports on snow reflectance characteristics that have to be considered in snow detection from satellite data.

Ali Nadir Arslan gave an overall introduction of the H SAF products with a focus on snow detection.

Silvia Puca gave an overall introduction of the H SAF products.