Training Module on MetOp AVHRR RGB Images


The purpose of this training module is to give an overview on the different RGB types created from the AVHRR instrument.


This training module describes MetOp AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) RGB schemes that are based on EUMETSAT recommendations. The 'recipes' were tuned to create high quality MetOp/AVHRR RGB images as similar as possible to the SEVIRI RGB schemes recommended by EUMETSAT.

The main aim of the training module is to help the users (weather forecasters and/or other experts) understand and use these RGB types by giving them background information, examples and exercises.

The module takes the following structure:

  •  The aim of the RGB type
  •  Physical background
  •  How to create the given RGB type
  •  Typical colors
  •  Examples of interpretation
  •  Benefits and limitations
  •  Comparisons with other RGB types and/or single channel images
  •  Exercise

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