The Trusted Spotter Network Austria and its Fingerprint on ESWD


Thomas Krennert presents the Trusted Spotter Network Austria (TSN).

Length: 30 min

Author: Thomas Krennert (ZAMG)


TSN-Trusted Spotter Network Austria ( was established to build up a reliable network between storm - spotters and chasers, operational forecasters and scientists. TSN in its current state constitutes the collaboration between the Austrian meteorological service ZAMG (, SKYWARN AUSTRIA with its various partner organizations and the European Severe Storms Laboratory ESSL with its EUROPEAN SEVERE WEATHER DATABASE ESWD. One aim of this collaboration was a standardization of severe weather reports from the partners according to ESWD standards. We want to introduce the Trusted Spotter Network Austria and its MO, also the performance of ESWD reports from Austria relating to heavy rain, severe wind gusts, hail and other parameters will be shown in our presentation.


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