NWCSAF Convection products: v2018 improvements, validation and adaptability to end-users


Jean-Marc Moisselin presents the most recent developments of the NWCSAF convection products.

Length: 30 minutes.


Météo-France develops and contiuously upgrades CI (Convection Initiation) and RDT (Rapidly Developing Thunderstorm) products. Both have been developed in the framework of NWCSAF.

CI is a pixel-based product that provides the probability for a pixel to develop in thunderstorm. The last delivery, v2018, has reached the "pre-operational" status in Eumetsat sense thanks to new developments (e.g. use of microphysics), tuning and validation effort. RDT is an object-based product that aims to detect, track, characterize and forecast the convective cells. Version v2018, includes new features like lightning jumps detection and is highly flexible and configurable. Status is "operational". RDT is very useful for aviation end users.

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