Novel MTG solar WV absorption channels (NIR 0.9, NIR 1.3), related novel RGBs


Ivan Smiljanić (EUMETSAT) presents water vapour channels that will become available with the launch of the third generation of Meteosat satellites.


Water vapour molecules, i.e. a water gas in the atmosphere, absorbs radiation in different parts of spectrum. With present geostationary satellite, MSG, this fact is mostly utilised in the spectral region around 6 or 7 microns, i.e. in the Infra-red region. With the next generation of geostationary satellite, MTG, it will be possible to observe the processes of WV absorption in the solar part of the spectrum, namely around 900 and 1300 nm. A bit different processes of absorption, but also scattering are happening around those wavelengths – we will take a look what is exactly happening there, and how to utilise these processes to detect different features in the atmosphere.


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