Lee Cyclogenesis


In this Training Module you will learn more about the genesis and the development of cyclones at the downwind side of the Alps.


This training module treats the developement of cyclones at the downwind side of a mountain range with a special focus on the Alps. The module deals with the physical facts that lead to the creation of a lee cyclone, from its very beginning as a low-level vortex in the vicinity of a mountain range until its final stage as a mesoscale cyclone. The module tries to give an answer, why some of the lee vortices never develop into a full-grown cyclone and instead remain a local wind phenomenon or at best a low-level vortex that soon dissipates when leaving the downwind area by looking at the triggers that form cyclones. Local winds like the Bora and the Mistral are often linked to Lee Cyclogenesis in the Gulf of Genua. They will be treated at the end of the module.

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