Tropical and Extra Tropical cyclones in the Azores


Carlos Ramalho presents some tropical and extra-tropical cyclones that affected the Azores and the challenges forecasters face in this situations.

Length: 30 min

Author: Carlos Ramalho (IPMA)


Due to the Azores geographical location, this archipelago is occasionally affected by strong Extratropical cyclones and Tropical cyclones. Extratropical cyclones are more frequent in winter and are often associated with strong winds, heavy precipitation and heavy waves which can be damaging and contribute to social and economic distress. Tropical cyclones, on the other hand occur mostly in September and October and in the past have caused loss of lives and property damage. Forecasting this type of systems is very challenging, mostly because a small variation in path can cause large difference in the impacts. This talk presents some tropical and extratropical cyclones that affected the Azores and also the challenges that forecasters face in this situations.


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