Shallow clouds and related weather phenomena


Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images 2018 Course

Length: 59 min

Author: Wilfried Jacobs (DWD)


Satellite image interpretation of shallow clouds and related weather phenomena is a very important task for nowcasting because NWP-models and statistical methods exhibit still deficiencies in simulating these phenomena in a proper way. Especially over oceans but also over land observation networks are often too coarse meshed for nowcasting.
The theory and the most suitable satellite products will be explained first. In combination with other data (e.g., observations, radio soundings, radar products) examples will be discussed for the following application areas:

  1. Diagnosing shallow clouds in respect to water content and related weather, e.g., drizzle of different intensities;
  2. Identifying fog and low stratus and how to estimate the fog/stratus layer’s thickness. The likelihood of dissolving and connected weather phenomena (e.g., freezing drizzle) will be covered, too.


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