Mária Putsay (former OMSZ) - Cloud Phase RGB – a new RGB to monitor cloud top microphysics


Mária Putsay talks about the new Cloud Phase RGB.


The presentation is about the Cloud Phase RGB, a new product for European users of GEO satellite data, which can be constructed using data from the Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) on the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellite system. The aim of this RGB is to provide improved microphysical information about the cloud tops. This is achieved by using two near-infrared microphysical channels together. It is a daytime RGB and can be used in low-, mid- and high-latitude regions. The main application areas of the Cloud Phase RGB are in cloud analysis: convective clouds, fog and low clouds; aerosol-cloud interaction. The main characteristics of this RGB are demonstrated using proxy data from Japanese and American satellites: Himawari/AHI, GOES/ABI, NPP and NOAA-20/VIIRS.

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