Weather services for Estonian road weather customers

Competency Framework

Märt Puust gives an overview on the 4 models used for road weather forecast in Estonia.

Length: 50 minutes.


Since 2016 Teede Tehnokeskus, the state owned road research and consultancy company provides winter road weather information service together with the Estonian Environment Agency (EEA) for all national roads, maintenance companies and Estonian Road Administration. The main service providing tool is a TIK web service which includes all essential information for decision making.
Beside the official road weather forecast provided by EEA the service includes also alternative road weather forecasts which are based on regional weather models from Finland, Sweden and Norway and Teede Tehnokeskus own METRo origin road weather model. These four models have been in operation for three winters and a special tool for model comparison and verification has been developed. The presentation gives an overview of the system's architecture and highlights some experiences in integration of Open Data of different sources and createsnew value in relatively large scale.

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