Uncertainties of satellite derived stability indices


Jana Campa compares IASI L2 and AMDAR profiles and provides an estimation on usability of CAPE derived from IASI L2 profiles.

Length: 33 minutes.


The knowledge of the vertical structure of the atmosphere is extremely important for a reliable weather forecast, especially in the case of severe convection. The arrival of the new infrared sounder with the MTG will open many new possibilities in assessing the atmospheric instability. However, satellite retrievals lack accuracy towards the lower levels, which are crucial fort the calculation of several stability indices.

In the first part of the talk, a comparison of stability indices calculated from IASI L2 and AMDAR aircraft profiles will be presented. The probability of detection can be relatively high with adapted thresholds, but unfortunately also false alarm ratios are relatively high. In the second part, the uncertainty of CAPE resulting from errors in the retrieved profiles will be estimated.

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