Snow detection for flatland (snow mask) by VIS/NIR of AVHRR (H32), Effective snow cover by VIS/IR radiometry (H35) (using products from Jupyter notebook) - Part I


Niilo Siljamo reports on H SAF the daily snow mask product H32 that is derived from the AVHRR instrument on-board MetOp satellites.


H32 is a global daily snow mask product, which is retrieved from the Advanced Very-High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) onboard the polar orbiting MetOp satellites operated by EUMETSAT. Metop/AVHRR provides daily global coverage on 5 channels. The spatial resolution is 1.1 km in nadir. The snow cover retrieval algorithm used in the product is based on empirical approach which takes into account the highly variable nature of the snowcovered surface in satellite resolution. Validation results based on weather station observations (snow depth and the state of the ground observations) are very good.

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