Operational hyperspectral atmospheric sounding products, an introduction


Thomas August gives an introduction to EUMETSATs current (IASI) and future (IASI-NG and MTG-S) hyperspectral sounders.

Length: 46 minutes.


Assessing and monitoring atmospheric thermodynamic parameters is key for weather forecasting. Space-borne hyperspectral sounders provide vertically resolved information of atmospheric temperature and humidity, and of surface and cloud properties. The future geostationary infrared sounder IRS on board Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) will deliver operational atmospheric sounding at unprecedented temporal and spatial sampling, with 4-km pixels at Nadir and covering Europe every 30 minutes. It will hence be an important complement to satellite imagery (e.g. operational MSG/SEVIRI or the future MTG/FCI instruments), where long experience exist in support to nowcasting, by allowing the detection and monitoring of atmospheric instabilities before convective clouds develop.

In this presentation, we give an introduction to EUMETSAT current (IASI) and future (IASI-NG and MTG-IRS) hyperspectral sounders, the remote-sensing principles and geophysical information contained in the so-called Level 2 (L2) products. This includes temperature and humidity profiles, cloud and surface properties and indirect parameters relating to the atmospheric stability. We give an overview of recent application studies and experiments using IASI L2 products in support to weather forecasting.

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