Martin Raspaud (SMHI) - Pytroll for MTG-I1


Martin Raspaud dives into what Pytroll is, how to use it and how to contribute to the project.


Developed jointly by professional software developers and experts in the remote sensing field, pytroll is a collection of free and open source python library for working with remotely sensed earth-observation data. MTG-I1, with its novel instruments, brings new information at a higher temporal and spatial resolution. While this is a challenge for data exploitation, the Pytroll team has been working hard to support the new data formats to allow working seamlessly with the new data and providing it with standard tools, both when working locally or in the cloud. Having EUMETSAT experts involved ensures state-of-the-art quality of the data. In this presentation, we will show how pytroll works and how it can be used for the exploitation of the MTG-I1 data as a seamless continuation of SEVIRI, both in operations and research.

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