Johan Strandgren (EUMETSAT) - FCI True Colour Imagery: Development and Applications


Johan Strandgren talks about the FCI True Colour Imagery.


The Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) on-board MTG-i1 introduces a unique capability: generating geostationary true colour imagery over Europe and Africa. This is typically achieved by combining data from three channels centred at red, green and blue wavelengths. However, FCI's green channel (0.51 microns) partially misses the spectral reflectance peak of chlorophyll around 0.55 microns, leading to inaccurate depiction of vegetation and barren surfaces. To address this limitation, a novel green band correction technique using the normalized difference vegetation index has been developed and utilized for the first release of true colour images from FCI. The new FCI true colour composite is also the corner stone for the ongoing development of the FCI GeoColor RGB composite. This composite incorporates the elements from the ABI GeoColor composite, by blending true colour imagery with night-time infrared imagery and city lights, as well as other relevant features such as wildfires and LI lightning events.

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