Evapotranspiration monitoring with Meteosat Second Generation satellites

Competency Framework

Nicolas Ghilain presents products of the LSA-SAF.

Length: 45 minutes.


Water resource is a major concern for sustainable development in many semi-arid areas. Early detection of drought and monitoring water consumption by agriculture are highly important for adaptation in water use regional policy. As a crucial component of the water cycle, land evapotranspiration is a primary source of information for such water resources assessments, and remote sensing from geostationary satellites offers the possibility to monitor it over large areas at relatively high temporal and spatial resolutions. The Satellite Application Facility on Land Surface Analysis (LSA-SAF) of EUMETSAT proposes an operational evapotranspiration product based on data from the SEVIRI instrument of the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG). This SESSION will focus on the evapotranspiration process and the role of satellite-based remote sensing to its observation over land. More particularly, the strategy adopted by LSA-SAF to produce the evapotranspiration maps will be unveiled, with an overview of the quality and characteristics of the operational products. At last, some examples of the product utility in drought monitoring will be given.

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