EUMETSAT Water Vapour retrieval for the future METimage instrument on board of EPS-SG-satellite series


Phil Watts and Loredana Spezzi (EUMETSAT) give an overview of the possibilities of water-vapour retrieval of the future EPS-SG satellites.


The METimage instrument on board of the future EPS-SG satellite series opens a new era for the retrieval of water wapour imaging products at EUMETSAT. Equipped with 20 channels covering the spectral range 0.4-13μm and including both Near infrared and thermal infrared water vapour absorption bands (0.9, 6.7 and 7.3μm), METimage will allow the retrieval of operational water vapour imagery products with unprecendented resolution (down to 500m) from a low-Eart orbit. These products are expected to greatly enhance the EUMETSAT service in support of numerical weather prediction, nowcasting and climate monitoring.
In this contribution, we report the retrieval approach chosen for METimage water vapour imagery products and demonstrate it using MODIS measurements. We focus in particular on the uncertainty and quality assessment planned for these products. We aim at gathering the fundamental user feedback to achieve the state-of-the-art retrieval and validation approach, and to foster cooperation and exchange for the analysis and characterization of these products once they become available. In particular, we would like to discuss key points that have an impact on the use of our products in forecasting applications (such as the use of prior forecast information in the retrieval, the product spatial resolution and content (e.g., uncertainties, quality indicators, diagnostic parameters, etc., and the advantage of combining NIR/IR measurements, not available from previous EUMETSAT missions).


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