Wind measurements – from the green field to wind power generation

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Sabine Zerobin recaps the steps necessary to plan, construct and operate wind turbines.


A reliable wind measurement is the basis for the successful accomplishment of wind power projects and the profitable operation of wind farms. Therefore, the current presentation gives an overview about the steps that are necessary to develop a wind power project from the green field, starting with a well-defined measurement campaign. Besides constraints originating from the conditions on site, pros and cons of different measurement techniques as well as the corresponding technical standards have to be kept in mind.

Reaching the measurement target therefore means, that sufficient data in a good quality is available to be used for further evaluations andassessments of the regarded site, which are then used to determine whether a project can be realised in terms of profit as we ll as from the technical point of view.

Even after a successful realisation of a project, wind measurements still play an important role, especially when it comes to the verification of the plant performance.

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