Jos de Laat (KNMI) - Application of GLM data at KNMI


Jos de Laat talks about the way KNMI applies GLM data. 



About five years ago KNMI started its first exploratory steps towards working with American NOAA/GOESGLM data. Originally initiated as a way to prepare for the MTG-LI mission, the activities naturally developed, expanded while perspectives broadened. I will discuss this path from the first exploratory steps all the way to where we currently are and the – sometimes unexpected – spin-off activities. These include:

• volcano: early warning, KNMI GEOWEB and the BES dashboard

• operational monitoring: data exploration/handling/visualization

• near-real-time probabilistic lightning prediction: artificial intelligence

• airport: auto-METAR

• network activities

As KNMI is very much a hybrid institute build around operational weather forecasting on the one hand and scientific geophysical research on the other hand there are some interesting observations and lessons I have learned that I will share at the end of the presentation.


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