Becky Hemingway (ECMWF): ECMWF Products for forecasting extreme precipitation

WMO Satellite Skills

Becky Hemingway present ECMWF's Precipitation Type and Extreme Forecast Index products.


ECMWF produces a vast array of global forecast data on a daily basis. In order to make this data useable a large number of products are created and made available to ECMWF Member and Cooperating States and the wider meteorological community via OpenCharts and ecCharts. This presentation will focus on two products which help forecasters in forecasting extreme precipitation, Precipitation Type and the Extreme Forecast Index (EFI). Both products are generally well liked by forecasters and are seen to verify well. The talk will detail how the products are created using the ECMWF Ensemble Forecast System, discuss how to use the products and provide case studies of cold weather events including from the high-latitude regions.


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