The LSA SAF vegetation products and applications: drought monitoring

Competency Framework

Javier Garcia presents LSA-SAF products and applications for drought monitoring.

Length: 35 minutes.


The LSA SAF generates and disseminates Fractional Vegetation Cover (FVC), the Leaf Area Index (LAI) and the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR) products derived from SEVIRI/Meteosat BRDF data for the whole Meteosat disk on a daily and 10-day basis. The high rate of acquisition provided by the SEVIRI instrument guarantees the availability of spatially consistent cloud-free data for adequately monitoring both the seasonality of vegetation and the long-term trends in the state of vegetation. This presentation is structured in two parts. Firstly, it is provided an overview of the algorithms, and main characteristics of the VEGA products, including some details about the continuous validation. Secondly, insights about the utility of the products for different applications related with land cover dynamics are also provided, particularly for near real time drought monitoring.

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