Jason 2 altimetry data

Competency Framework

Sergio Muacho from IPMA gives a presentation on Jason-2 altimetry data. He explains the measuring principle and applies the data to track an Atlantic wave storm.


This presentation reports on the use of significant wave height (SWH) altimetry product, derived from OSTM/Jason-2 data, during a recent wave storm in the Northeast region of the Atlantic Ocean at mid-April 2012. Altimetric measurements provide data for wave model assimilation and also support ocean forecasts. Sérgio Muacho will focus on remote-sensed observations that cover a period of one week, and track the wave storm over the Atlantic between south of Iceland and the Portuguese Continental West coast, and the Gulf of Biscay. This study provides a summary of this wave storm and highlights the importance of having altimetry data in ocean areas, where there is a lack of observations, especially in off-shore regions.

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