NWC-SAF technical training: online workshop on technical aspects of the PPS v2014 software package

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Wecast of the SMHI online workshop on technical aspects of the PPS v2014 software package. 


The EUMETSAT SAF to support Nowcasting (NWCSAF) develops two software packages, one for geostationary imagery and one for polar satellite imagery. Both packages retrieve cloud and other parameters relevant for nowcasting and other applications relying on cloud detection. For more information see www.nwcsaf.org

The Polar Platform System (PPS) software package retrieves information on clouds and precipitation from NOAA satellites, MetOp and S-NPP. The recent release of PPS v2014 features also a number of technical updates affecting installation of PPS and interfacing to your environment and applications.

The workshop is addressed to users of PPS wanting to update their application, but also to prospective new users.

The NWCSAF kindly invites you to participate to a two hour online training workshop on the installation, use and operation of the new PPS v2014 software. We plan to have appoximately four half-hour slots around the following subjects:

* Installation

* New output format

* Operating PPS via the main script "RunAllParallel.py"

* Setup PPS in a real-time environment (no Task Manager in v2014)

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Presentations (PDF):

PPS v2014 Engineering Introduction

Installation without binaries

Running PPS v2014

PPS v2014 Binary Distribuitions

PPS v2014 Running in Real-time

PPS v2014 New Output Format