EUMeTrain Marine Course 2019


The 4th Eumetrain Marine Course was delivered on the Moodle platform and was held in the period of 8 weeks, from 26 March to 17 May. The following WMO Marine Weather Forecaster Competences are addressed:

  •  -Analyse and monitor continually the marine weather situation;
  •  -Forecast marine weather phenomena, variables and parameters;
  •  -Warn of hazardous phenomena;


Accordingly the following skills were trained:

  1.  1. Interpret satellite imagery and products to identify potentially dangerous phenomena
  2.  2. Using satellite altimeters and scatterometers
  3.  3. Use of NWP in waves and swell forecasting
  4.  4. Identify characteristics of waves and swell
  5.  5. Identify non-routine weather conditions
  6.  6. Use forecasting model outputs in hazardous conditions


The form of the course was mainly asynchronous, although online practical lectures were provided by experts from ECMWF ( and KNMI (