5th H SAF User Workshop - Updated!

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We are pleased to announce the 5th H SAF User Workshop supported by EUMeTrain. It will be held in online mode from January 24th, 2022 to January 28th, 2022. The EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Support to Operational Hydrology and Water Management (H SAF) aims to provide satellite derived products related to precipitation, soil moisture and snow over land in support to hydrology and water management. In addition, H SAF provides both continuous quality assessment of products and the evaluation of their hydrological impact for the benefit of the end user communities. The workshop objectives will be:
• To introduce the H SAF products and their evolutions with respect to the future European satellite missions;
• The usage of satellite products for flood and drought monitoring and water resources management applications;
• To present use cases of the H SAF products in hydrological applications and emergency management in various regions, including Europe and Africa;
• To demonstrate how to download, process, and apply products for different goals related to water monitoring and water management applications, with examples over the European and African Regions;
• H SAF products quality assessment and applications.

To access the 5th HSAF User Workshop Github page with instructions, code examples and data sets for the Demonstration session on 28 January, go here.

There are several pre-recordings available about HSAF and its products in English and in French languages. You can access them here.

The agenda (times in UTC) and the registration links are available by clicking on the 'More' button.

To check out the abstracts click here

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