Task List: Weather forecasting and warnings

Hopefully you have managed to go through the materials and design a weather image in your head. It is a lot of information to process, especially if you are not familiar with the terrain and climate of this area.

Figure 1: Forecasting area

Precipitation and warnings

The first part of the shift is over!

The second part of the shift starts now:

After the first issue of the forecast, you now have to look at the new materials that will come in the following hours and get maybe a clearer picture in your mind. Your task for 14UTC is to issue a new (maybe modified) forecast based on the new data you have received.

The second part of the shift is over!

The third part of the shifts starts now:

At this time, 17 UTC, you should issue the final forecasts and warnings for today's evening and the next day, January 31, based on the material you have seen during your shift.


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