Welcome to the simulation!  

It is now 7:00 UTC. You are beginning your forecaster's shift. You are responsible for the forecasts and warnings in Croatia.

The forecasting areas (including cities of Varazdin, Zagreb, Parg, Ogulin and Gospic for which you have the meteograms) that you need to focus on are marked by polygons A, B and C in the image:


The current time is displayed at the top left of the display. Time is moving forward at thirty times the normal speed.

You can view the available data using the buttons at the top of the page. New data arrives as time progresses. DON'T PRESS THE BACK BUTTON or THE RELOAD BUTTON IN THE BROWSER at any time, since the time will start running from the beginning.

Once you have gone through the materials, you will need to write a forecast based on the current situation and the available forecast material. Your first forecast/warning should be issued by 11:00 UTC simulator time! Check the tasks on the left side of your display.

Watch closely as the situation develops. If you are not happy with your original forecast, or the situation rapidly changes, you may change your warning along the way after checking the new material. The final warning has to be issued at 17:00 UTC simulator time.

After that you can observe what happens.

Enjoy your simulated shift!