Hydrological products explanation  


EFAS forecast  

Flash flood forecast for the next 120 h. Big purple triangle shows the probability of exceeding a 20 year return period magnitude of the surface runoff index for the forecasted start of the event being < 72 hours.


Average Soil Moisture  

Average Soil Moisture is a result of the Sacramento model. It shows soil moisture in the last 6 hours before the time of the image.  


Merged Mean Areal Precipitation

Accumulated rainfall in the last 6 hours in the catchment. It is based on satellite data (Microwave-adjusted Global Hydroestimator and Global Hydroestimator) and the data from meteorological stations.  


Forecast Mean Areal Precipitation

Forecast of the mean areal precipitation for each catchment, based on Aladin model. It provides forecast 6 hours in advance.


Forecast Flash Flood Threat

Flash flood threat based on Aladin model. It shows the threat in the next 6 hours from the image time. 


Flash Flood Guidance

This product shows how much precipitation is still needed to cause complete filling of the river basins. The lower the value, the greater the flash flood threat! It shows the threat in the next 6 hours.


Imminent Flash Flood Threat

It shows imminent danger of the flash flooding. The product is calculated as the difference between Merged Mean Areal Precipitation and Forecast Flood Guidance.