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Middle and high level cloud in a rising warm, moist air stream relative to its system velocity.

Common Remarks

The Warm Conveyor Belt is a rising relative stream transporting warm wet air from south-east to northern directions. It is strongly involved in the processes and cloud development connected with fronts. Therefore it has been described in the relevant chapters (see Cold Front , Cold Front In Cold Advection , Cold Front In Warm Advection , Split Front , Arctic Cold Front , Warm Front Band , Warm Front Shield , Detached Warm Front , Occlusion: Warm conveyor belt type , Instant Occlusion , Occlusion: Cold Conveyor Belt Type , Cold Air Development ).

In this manual the term Warm Conveyor Belt is used somewhat differently, namely, for a typical cloud configuration separated from frontal cloudiness but also produced within a relative stream of a Warm Conveyor Belt.

I. Cloud Structure In Satellite Images

Learn about how to recognise and detect Warm Conveyor Belts in satellite images.

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II. Meteorological Physical Background

Find out more about the meteorlogical and physical background of Warm Conveyor Belts.

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III. Key Parameters

Learn which key parameters to use for monitoring Warm Conveyor Belts.

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IV. Typical Appearance In Vertical Cross Sections

Find out the typical appearance of Warm Conveyor Belts in vertical cross sections.

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V. Weather Events

Explore the weather events associated with Warm Conveyor Belts.

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VI. References

Let these comprehensive documents in the references assist you in finding more about Warm Conveyor Belts.

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