Case Study

Severe Convective Outbreak

25 May 2009

150 Minutes

Jarno Schipper
Liliane Hofer
Christian Ortner
Cecilia Marcos
Marianne Koenig
Kris Bedka
John Mecikalski
Caroline Forster
Ramiro Romero
Pieter Groenemeijer
Bernhard Reinhardt
Nikolai Dotzek
Miguel Martinez
Antonio Rodriguez
Yann Guillou

Severe Convective Outbreak

Published: 11 October 2011

A severe convective outbreak with big hail and thunderstorms occurred over parts of western and central Europe on Monday, May 25th 2009. Overnight, a strong squall-line developed that produced gusts in excess of 35 m s-1 across Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands uprooting trees and causing considerable damage to property. In addition hail with diameter of 10 cm. was recorded.

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Convection, Tornado, Hail, Gusts, Convective Initiation