Case Study

Severe Convection over Central Europe

21 June 2007

180 Minutes

Jarno Schipper
Dunja Placko Vrsnak
Wilfried Jacobs

Severe Convection over Central Europe

Published: 21 June 2007

The period from 21th to 23rd June 2007 was marked by high convective activity in Central Europe. The thunderstorms were associated with hail and heavy wind bursts that killed several people and caused enormous financial damage. This case study bases on the reports provided by the meteorological services of Austria, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Next to Radar Observations and Stability analyses, now casting products will be assessed. It should be further noted that the so called cold ring shape in satellite imageries can be a major index for severe convection.

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Convection, Windburst, Cold Ring, Convection